Fun play-along videos to help kids learn to play the tuba!

-For beginner and intermediate tuba students
-Starts at the beginner level and increases in difficulty
-Self-assessment rubric included in each video
-Videos rotate through 12 activities to focus on different aspects of music learning:

1. Get Ready: Warmups
- Long tones, scales, arpeggios, articulation, etc.

2. Inside Info: Music theory and fundamentals
-Time signatures, key signatures, scale degrees, intervals, chords, form, harmony, etc.

3. Sync Up: Rhythm training
-Listening, reading rhythms, counting, clapping

4. Catch The Groove: Rhythm training
-Listening, echoing, reading rhythms

5. Play By Ear: Aural skills
-Pitch discrimination, listening and echoing

6. Mix It Up: Sight-reading
-Extra challenge: sing the melody after playing it on the tuba

7. Make A Beat: Rhythm improvisation
-Echo a rhythmic phrase, then play something different

8. Power Up: Instrumental technique
-Long tones, breath control, lip slurs, articulation, facility

9. All Together Now: Ensemble playing
-Listen and play different parts within duets, trios, and quartets

10. Your Choice: Pitch/tonal improvisation
-Listen and echo a musical phrase, then play something different using given note choices

11. Bonus Level: Sight-reading
-Combines material from previous videos

12. Recap: Vocabulary review
-Multiple-choice "quiz" review
-One Recap video after every 100 Dynabuddy videos

Think of each cycle through these activities as a unit of study that takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. Every 100 videos is about a year's worth of instruction, ending with a Recap video for review. 100 videos are currently available for tuba. More will be released soon - stay tuned!

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